• You will enhance your talent as an artist and entrepreneur

    We will teach you from scratch the skills associated with the art of decorating Christmas trees.

  • By only selling 1 tree you will recover your investment

    and we include the option to pay for your Masterclass in easy installments.

  • Access to the magical community of Alex Sánchez Designer

    where we will share valuable information about suppliers, how to connect with your customers, special decoration capsules, and much more

  • International Certification

    You will obtain an international certification endorsed by the Extension Center of the José Antonio Páez University.

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Course stages


* Christmas tree story
* Wizard's Toolkit
* Classification of trees used in Christmas:
- According to its composition.
- According to your artistic design.
- According to the units of measure.
* Sectorization technique (concept and history)
* Types of sectorization.
* View angle.
* Lightning:
- Types.
- Colors.
* Early design elements in Christmas Trees.
* Materials selection.

Que Comience la Magia

* Arrangement of the tree. Techniques, recommendations and tips.
* Light placement technique.
* Let's put sectorization into practice.

Arma tu Emprendimiento

Practical phase: Three projects will be developed.
1- Spectacular traditional three-tone curvilinear sectorized tree with an accent.
2- Traditional sectored Yin Yang tree in two metallic tones.
3- Traditional 2021 trend tree with imaginary design by Alex Sánchez.

Material de Apoyo

* Dónde comprar y elegir lo mejor y al mejor precio (proveedores)
* Errores que NUNCA debes cometer.
* Cómo vender y cuánto cobrar por un árbol de navidad (costos)
* Tendencias y CLAVES del ÉXITO en el diseño de tus propios árboles
* Información de Marketing asociado a la temporada navideña y a los árboles de navidad.


- Questions and Answers and concluding remarks


Bonos Adicionales

- Cápsula grabada por Alexander Sánchez explicando los Principios y Elementos del Diseño en Árboles de Navidad, Clasificación de Árboles y Sectorización.

- Cápsula de Inteligencia Artificial

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Alex Sanchez

Magical Christmas Masterclass 2021 2

Magical Christmas Masterclass 2021 2

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